Brian Donohoe was destined to speak publicly, when he won his elementary school’s public speaking competition at just 9 years old!

Throughout his career, Brian has spoken in front of entire sales forces at large companies and even in front of C-Level leaders at industry events.

When you hire Brian to speak, you get passionate, powerful, and practical insight that is entertaining and engaging. Brian’s talks and speeches are filled with unique content and expertise from having experienced BOTH the lowest lows of rejection and highest highs of success in sales, business, and life.

Brian Donohoe is a public speaker who is real, lively, down to earth, approachable, and will speak to the needs of your audience, leaving them equipped, inspired, and ready to accelerate to the next level in sales, marketing, & business leadership.

Brian will speak at conferences & special events, individual businesses and corporations, & company or corporate retreats and sales meetings.

Keynote Speeches:

  • “I’m not a scumbag: How I Became a Top Sales Producer by Being a Guy People Like, Know & Trust & How You Can Too!”
    THEME: True life stories and practical application for how sales professionals can make sure they are liked, known, and trusted by their prospects & clients
  • “Brian, You’re a Persistent Son of a ______, but By God, You’re the best Salesperson I’ve Ever Met:”
    THEME: Developing Professional Persistence in the Sales Process
  • “Don’t Stop Believin’”
    THEME: Using Passion + Belief to Close Deals & Cultivate Relationships
  • “You’re Not Interested in What?”
    THEME: Selling to those who blow you off & refuse to be sold