Brian Donohoe specializes in sales training and business workshops for companies who are looking to improve their sales & revenue numbers, educate & inspire their sales professionals &  leaders, and equip their executive leadership teams to support their sales staffs through proper organizational alignment & deployment.

Brian Donohoe, in his acting role as CEO of The Sales Partner, has consulted, trained, coached, and mentored individuals, entire teams of sales representatives, sales managers & leaders, and executive leaders and owners of companies and organizations to optimize their processes, monetize their innovations, and overcome obstacles that are hindering their profitability.

Brian thrives in teaching & training large groups through workshops and smaller groups through more personalized training sessions. Brian has consistently demonstrated an ability to train sales teams to sell more efficiently and effectively.

Training & Workshop Topics:

  • Selling Using Stories
  • Asking Effective Questions: The Roadmap to a Great Sales Presentation
  • Crafting a Great Introduction, Purpose, & Description to any sales presentation
  • Custom fitting sales presentations to fit your audience
  • Winning deals through Passion, Belief, & Conviction
  • Closing Techniques & Strategies
  • Overcoming Objections & Brush-Offs
  • Dealing with Fear & Rejection in Sales & Business
  • Selling With Urgency – How to craft urgency in your sales cycle
  • Handling Gatekeepers
  • Marketing That Sells: Teach Your Marketing Team to Think Like Sales Pros